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Sprinkled with Love! Wedding at Ellis Ranch Wedding Park in Loveland, Colorado

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

A wedding ceremony that *almost* got called on account of rain!

Well, that's Colorado for you! Typically, photographers love when the harsh sunlight gets replaced by a soft, cloudy day, but in this case, those clouds got heavier and heavier, and taunted us with their potential to rain out the ceremony. Our Bride and Groom wavered back and forth about relocating their ceremony indoors at the last minute, but their wedding planner gave us the ok to wait fifteen minutes to see if our chances for an outdoor ceremony would look a little brighter. This is what the clouds needed to hear, and we had a beautiful ceremony.... almost rain-free. Luckily, our Bride and Groom are a fun bunch and didn't let the weather bring their spirits down. The bridal party got a lot of laughs in, and even played a little Frisbee (since our Bride and Groom play on Frisbee Golf leagues, this was totally to be expected)! Our window of opportunity was upon us and the ceremony began. As I said, we almost got away with a perfect 25 minutes, but in the last few, the drops began to fall. The umbrellas began to open, and the Officiant started to sound more like an Auctioneer. Our Bride and Groom were all smiles though, as they knew this would be an unforgettable wedding to all who joined them! It's times like these that I really love to embrace my job, because I know as a photographer, I am about to get some really fun photos! As if the First Kiss was the sky's signal, the rain started pouring down. A guest just in time, handed the Groom an umbrella to protect his new Bride. It was a near jog down the aisle for them, right towards my lens, where I stood smiling. I knew that these would be the photos that they'll probably be rolling with laughter at, holding hands on their front porch in their seventies, showing their grandbabies their wet wedding album.

As everyone ducked inside their large barn-style venue, everyone shook off their coats and began mingling, already enjoying the memories that they had all just shared in. A groomsman sang a song for our couple, speeches were made, BBQ was served, and the dance party began. After the Bride and Groom shared their First Dance, the floor began to light up with guests who shook their groove-things in all of the choreographed songs on the playlist. The videographer (and friend of the Groom) even let Nana borrow his expensive equipment to try her hand at video production on the dancefloor. His face read concern, but his hand signed the unmistakable pinky-thumb salute from his hometown in Hawaii, meaning "No worries, bruh". This is a reminder to all the Brides and Grooms out there: don't let the drab weather set the tone, your wedding might just be a little brighter because of it. For the photographers out there: have weather sealed gear, and don't miss a beat when that rain starts falling-it might just be one of your best wedding shoots ever! ;)

Vendors who rocked on despite the rain:

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