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Wedding Portraits at Knoll-Willows Open Space in Estes Park

"I want to shout our love from a mountaintop!" Ron Burgundy must have been talking about this mountain! Well, it's not really a mountain, more of a giant hill. The best part is that it is hidden in plain site. You'd never guess that this spot is right in the middle of the town of Estes Park! It is so convenient to make a quick drive to the Knoll-Willows Trailhead and in a few short, easy-walking minutes, you can grab some serious views of both the town and of the surrounding mountains beyond. Even on a misty summer day like this, the background stuns, giving off a very painterly vibe. Who wants to change that? Not me- I didn't find it as pleasing to bring the contrast back into the hazy sky in editing, I wanted the sky to be thick and palpable. Just like these two's love.

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