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Garden Wedding in Denver, Colorado

Updated: Mar 19

When rock-n-roll boy meets story-book muse. Thinking about having your wedding in a backyard? Then you are like so many couples right now! The world has been unpredictable lately, and that is why so many nuptials are taking place at home! Our groom's childhood backyard was the perfect setting for their romantic ceremony, marrying their past and their future in an intimate gathering with friends and family. The ambiance was as enchanting as our couple's love is. It was hard to take our eyes off them! Not just our eyes either, the groom is in a band and the groomsmen put on a concert that kept rockin' all night! So if someone you know is offering up their backyard for you to say your I-Do's, consider your must-haves on your wedding venue list and see if a backyard wedding checks off all your boxes!

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