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Spring Engagement Session in Livermore, Colorado

Engagement sessions are as much for a photographer, as they are for the couple. It is the preface to your love story, and an exciting time to step in front of the camera. It is the perfect time to find a photographer who is going to capture the true essence of you as a duo. There can often be a trepidation or an awkwardness that most people feel when they know a camera is pointing in their direction, and the best way to mitigate those emotions is to find someone who is going to make you feel like yourself. Ask your photographer what their style is behind the camera and their approach to creating the imagery they do. I personally believe that wedding photography requires a person to have many facets to their approach. I think a photographer needs to be an artist, as well as a friend. They need to be very technical, but also know which moments to step in or out of the scene. A photographer should create work that aligns with each couple's expectations, and ensure that both of you understand what it means to achieve those goals together. This is why having that alone time with your photographer in a beautiful location, learning all the best ways to make you shine is so very important. Nearly everyone feels like they need some guidance to achieve favorable posing, so you should know that photographers never expect couples to already have this talent hiding away in their back pocket. On an engagement shoot, I guide my couples through poses that offer them the most interesting and flattering imagery. It is also important to me to share even the technical aspects of photography, and that being comfortable in a pose often produces the best outcome. I encourage my couples to focus on their partner during our session, and that it is more about documenting your interaction with one other in your environment. My favorite engagement sessions are a mix of slow Sunday sweetness, and Friday night glam, feeling genuinely in the moment, and immersing yourself into all the excitement that this time brings.

Engagement session at Eagle's Nest Open Space in Livermore, Colorado

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