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Destination Wedding at Apache Ranch in Silverthorne, Colorado

Updated: Jan 9

A perfect destination wedding in Silverthorne, Colorado. The views in the Breckenridge/Silverthorne/Dillon/Frisco area are breathtaking, so if you're looking for the Rocky Mountain experience at your wedding, then this is a great place to start looking. Here you will find mountain home rentals, like Apache Ranch, that take you out in the country and surround you with mountains that reach the clouds, but keep you close enough to town for hotels, restaurants, and recreation. Making a weekend out of your nuptials is very doable here, with plenty for you and your guests to do. While you're in town, check out the Dillon Amphitheater, an incredibly unique music venue that sits right next to Dillon Reservoir; a lake surrounded by 14er's and big enough to sail on. Also note this very important tip while enjoying your trip- you are at 9,000+ ft, so don't forget to sunscreen-up. The mountain breezes up here will trick you into thinking that you are not as close to the sun as you actually are, so lather on the SPF. Unless, you're into your skin peeling like a lizard, which I can tell you isn't nearly as fun as Goldmember makes it seem.

Hehehe... classic. Ok, back to a far more pleasurable feast for the eyes.

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