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Elopement at Echo Lake Park on Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

If you are planning on eloping at a popular destination or trail, your best bet is to have your ceremony early in the day. This elopement was in late September, when the weather began to cool. The morning was brisk and a little windy, but with that view around you- nothing else matters. In attendance, along with the Bride and Groom, was the officiant and myself. The ceremony was very intimate and sweet, but by no means felt small. Our surroundings hugged the ceremony in it's forested arms, warmed by the sun, and reflected back at us across the water. The lake became a mirror for the sky and it was hard not to stare and dream the day away.

We found the perfect spot for their ceremony, overlooking the dark, blue waters of Echo Lake. The trail wraps around the lake with striking views from all angles. Up the road, sits Echo Lake Lodge, and from there, you can drive the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, North America's highest auto road (elevation 14,260 ft.). I can't say I dared that one, but I can only assume that it would be an experience of a lifetime.

When you are eloping, I think it is important to have an officiant to guide you through the ceremony. Some opt out of having an officiant, and that's ok too, but sometimes hearing your story told by another person in preparation for your vows, makes it all a little more memorable. Elopements don't have to be quick either. On the contrary; they are best enjoyed if a sense of ceremony and celebration lasts a little while, allowing you to soak in the moment. Our couple had a 15-20 minute ceremony and afterwards we made our way along the trail for their bridal portraits. They toasted champagne and shared a lot of laughs. It was all so beautifully romantic, and made me fall in love with elopements all over again.


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