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Fall Wedding at Brookside Garden Event Center in Berthoud, Colorado

Updated: Mar 19

Nestled among the ranches and farmland in Berthoud, Colorado is a charming wedding venue that doubles as a garden sanctuary. Do you like arbors with dangly vines with smelly flowers on them? Would you like a venue with water features, such as a babbling brook and mini-waterfall? Then add this one to your list of front range venues that should be not be missed. I personally love old houses that have turned into wedding venues. The history lends itself to the ambiance and gives off warm, classic vibes. At Brookside, there are two getting-ready spaces for each wedding party. They sit on the second floor of the house, connected by a narrow deck. Both rooms have high-pitched ceilings that offer just the right amount of light, but allow for nice shadowing.

The ceremony space is a large open air oval, encircled by arbors. This really makes a beautiful visual statement and does a good job of encapsuling all of the attendees. A great wedding tip is to view your potential venue space near your wedding date (or a year prior) where you can imagine what your wedding day will look like in the season you've chosen.

Without a doubt, Brookside Garden Event Center has a ton to offer couples. This is especially true if you have a very large wedding guest list, because this venue can handle it. The reception space is divided with one area for dining (complete with chandeliers), dancing, and an accompanying bar with beautiful wood paneling. Also, if you love having an outdoor space for guests to get a breath of fresh air, the twinkle lights at Brookside come on for those who want to mingle al fresco. There is also the option to open the reception "garage doors" on warm summer nights to allow the breeze to float through. The entire venue is very villa-esque with hints of country-chic, and a worthwhile stop on your wedding location journey.

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