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Wedding at Rist Canyon Inn in Laporte, Colorado

Updated: Mar 19

I had the pleasure of shooting a ceremony here at the Rist Canyon Inn in the small town of Laporte, just outside of Fort Collins. Stepping on the property, you are greeted by a sweet, white-washed farmhouse, surrounded by huge trees, a babbling creek, and an expansive field for your ceremony. Within the farmhouse, you'll find antique furniture and other period pieces dating back 120 years ago when the home was built. It was important to the owners to keep the farmhouse décor close to the way it would have looked when the original owners lived there. Even the stone fireplace was built rock by rock from stones the original owners collected throughout their family travels. Interestingly, a bride had gone to the Rist Canyon Inn for a tour, taking her grandmother with her, and it just so happens that it was actually her grandmother's childhood home. And those stones were collected by her family, lining the warm, glowing fireplace. The new owners were delighted to hear more about their farmhouse's past.

Old buildings carry so much character, and, usually spiders. But not this one; it's gorgeous and full of bright, sunny windows. You can actually host your wedding here and rent the farmhouse for you and several of your guests to stay on the 20 acre property overnight. There is also a Honeymoon Suite behind the farmhouse for more privacy. A vintage Airstream sits on the lawn for a creative space to use for photos, or just to have a seat inside with a cocktail. Bellvue Event Hall is the reception space adjacent to the farmhouse. The owner, Allan, who is a lighting designer, created the space with ingenuity and an architectural grace found in true artists.

If you're looking for something with rustic vibes, but with all the refinery of a classy wedding venue, take a drive down to Laporte to the charming Rist Canyon Inn.

P.S. If you can spot the movie reference made during the mawage ceremony, then you've won at life ;)

P.S.S. If you're like, "What movie reference?", which is inconceivable... here's the movie trailer from 1987...

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