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Wedding at the Black Canyon Inn in Estes Park, Colorado

Updated: Mar 19

Pure Colorado Elegance, Sweet Southern Charm.

Colorado is full of adventure. Probably one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime is hosting a destination wedding right outside of one of the most beautiful National Parks in the country. Estes Park sits at the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park where you have some of the best views in the state. I have photographed many elopements here, but if you're wanting to really do it up and invite all of your family and friends, the Black Canyon Inn in Estes Park is a fabulous place to do it.

Our couple is from Louisiana where their sweet southern accents makes all of us west coast folk envious. Their manners and charm shine as bright as the stars in our dark, night sky. All of their guests are coming from sea level and seemed pretty excited (and breathless) in our mile-high mountain environment. After some intense hiking in Rocky for this crew, the wedding was ready to kick off in perfect Fall style.

The Bride's mother brought some serious style of her own and was the designer/florist for the wedding. The Father of the Bride didn't skimp on style either and had the lining of his suit jacket made especially for his daughter's wedding, showcasing the mountain landscape and elk Estes Park is know for.

With roaring laughter that only comes from having your closest family and friends around, this wedding was a day full of love, excitement, and sweet moonshine.

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