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Wedding at the Tapestry House in Fort Collins, Colorado

Updated: Mar 19

The Tapestry House is a Victorian-style mansion surrounded by century-old trees, creating a truly unique backdrop to any wedding. With this venue, it is all about the details, and that is why I love shooting weddings here. From the doorknobs to the greenery, you'll find yourself emersed in a rich history from days long gone.

In the spirit of tradition, much like the Tapestry House, this couple shares a very fun moment at the altar. For a little background, the bride and groom throughout their relationship have been hiding a small figurine somewhere, waiting for the other to come upon it. Then it is the other's turn to to find a secret spot, and so the game goes on. This figurine has been all over the world traveling on trips with them as part of this game! At the altar, the bride has hidden this token of their affection, and there is a moment in the film where her husband-to-be realizes it is between their two hands as they begin to say their vows. He is taken aback by emotion and this intimate moment was only shared between the two of them (and me of course- I was privy to the information beforehand!). Traditions really are the best.

Check out their wedding highlight film at the end of this post!

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